Quick, easy, lushes lawn

We struggled a lot to keep grass alive in our old house, it was basically a 2 x 3m dog toilet which quickly turned into mud. So when we moved we were so pleased to have a potentially large lawn.

However due to life and money (annoyingly) not growing on trees we couldn’t afford to landscape the area professionally/turf it. So we chose the cheaper DIY option and bought grass seed. We purchased the “Wilko Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed with Ryegrass.”

It took a lot of work clearing all the weeds at the top of the garden, and after we done it we realised it was very uneven; clearly wasn’t a lawn previously (about a 5″ drop from bottom lawn). So we ordered 2 tonnes of top soil (around £200 from a local company) and levelled it out the best we could by eye and a cheap rake. It saved us hundreds, maybe even £1000+ so it was definitely worth it in the end. It’s just very hard knowing what’s for the best when renovating and where should the money be best spent. Once the hard slog was over though the grass really flourished. So here’s how we did it:

Step one: Check the weather
If you’re not in too much of a rush try and sow them when rain is due, but if not water them well (use rain water from waterbutt if possible but tap is fine if not).

Step two: Loosely rake and weed
Simply weed and then rake to loosen up the soil a little to give the seeds something to ‘grip’ to.

Step three: Get sowing
Sprinkle on the seeds, try and space them out as much as possible. We used 4 boxes and have a few patches but they can be re-seeded after so don’t worry.

Step Four: Rake, water & leave
Lightly rake again to cover the seeds a little and water them well. If you have a water metre it’s best to close your eyes and hope for the best as grass seeds are thirsty. Now all you have to do is wait, tip if it doesn’t rain they should be watered in the evening but if you forget one day or two it probably won’t do them any harm.

*Note nobody really went on it for this month, especially the dog who now has dog rocks in his water bowl*