Painting Pipes – am I mad?

I have seen a few Instagrammers upcycling their drain pipes, front doors and even hose pipes. And thought why the bloody hell didn’t I think of that?

I hated my utility and kitchen waste pipes from the moment we moved in. It seems a small insignificant part of your home to hate. But I did. I’d sit in my garden with my (drumstick squashies coloured 80’s slabs) and hate looking at the washing machine/sink waste pipes. I’d hide them with plant pots and shrubbery. But you can never really hide them that way; as they still peep through.

Cards on the table – I didn’t use the correct paint to do this project, in fact it was a total spur of the moment non planned DIY project. I had just put my toddler down to nap, had a cuppa and was watching Sex In The City (again). Then I just thought about my new fascias and the black guttering we’d just had done; and how mis-match the outside now looks (think low budget Mr Tumble). Red garage door, white UPVC front door, grey fascia, black guttering, brown windows, with faded grey and brown kitchen waste pipes. If I had the money everything would be replaced yesterday. But renovation budgets aren’t that generous to normal folk. I had tried to upcycle my doorknobs so I had bought some black spray hammerite, but the project failed. So thought why not try something else and not waste the paint, not everything is going to work out first time when renovating I’m realising.
I’m no pro, but that’s ok.

I gave the tap and pipes a quick dust and clean, taped up the area and sprayed the heck out of them. That’s it! And it worked a treat! The tap looks brand new, it was a rusty copper previously and the pipes a faded brown and grey. The paint has ‘stuck’ to the plastic pipes really well too, which is brilliant as I didn’t bother priming them. Now it’s one of my most popular Instagram pics so far (click to see) – so no I’m not mad, despite what my neighbours may think ha, as I have had such lovely feedback from this little DIY project!

Can’t wait to paint more ‘odd’ things… The plastic wendy house is next on my list, so watch this space.

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