Renovation Rabbit Hole


These are all phrases I have seen, heard and also often found myself using.
Making sure your Instagram feed is ‘perfect’. But is this a healthy attitude, for our well being, homes and bank balance?

The word we rarely see is ORDINARY. We don’t fall over ourselves trying to take that ordinary shot, the mundane and maybe even the slightly dull, as it doesn’t get the likes. Everyone has everyday parts of their lives and homes, we use Instagram to escape, dream, gather ‘inspo’ and virtually window shop; constantly striving for our homes to be as lavish as these Instagram/Pinterest beauties that we see on our screens. But the truth is, is this hurting our mental health and the love for our REAL homes?

Do we live in a 2 bedroom semi but only follow 4 bed show homes with all the trimmings. Is this ok to do? The answer I feel is abso-bloody-lutely as it’s lovely to dream and have ambition, as long as we don’t lose sight of what’s important for us, you or your family. A more dangerous side though is also what’s affordable, reasonable and manageable. Start to celebrate your home for what it is. YOURS. Not too dissimilar to what Marie Konde practises; she is very thankful to her house, in fact she literally thanks her house. So should we all be a little more grateful? After all an Englishman’s home is his castle after all…

Marie Kondo “Each time I return home, I greet the house. This is my way of expressing thanks for the shelter and comfort it provides me. You can even do this by reflecting on your gratitude in your mind as you walk through the front door. A change in perspective can alter your reality.”

Rat Race To Perfection

How many times have you scrolled and scrolled to find where someone’s got that basket, or blanket or plant pot? Because I know I have. The more you see the more you want; and personally I feel, we start to appreciate what we have less because of this. This world is so fast paced, it’s all NOW NOW NOW. ‘Can’t afford it put it on the credit card?!’ This is harming our mental health.

Britain’s credit card bill as of January 2019 is a staggering £72.5 billion pounds! When an insta famous person shares the link of a sale item for example you can guarantee it’ll be snapped up within seconds. Now, did we actually want/need this item, or did we want to be the ‘winner’ of getting a lucrative deal or did we just want it because someone with more followers has one…?

Following For Feeling

We can follow who we want on social media. My feed used to look very ‘pretty’ and I’d gush over the lavish homes and also very beautiful, photo edited women. As soon as I picked up my phone I felt like my body and my home weren’t good enough, instant self-esteem crusher. However with age comes wisdom (and wrinkles but let’s focus on the positives) and so I had a rehaul of my social media, am I ever going to buy any Skinny Tea, follow a 12 week boot camp fitness regime or be able to afford a 6 bed apartment in New York City, absolutely not. So I’ve started to follow homes more my style and type, yes a few lavish ones as it’s nice to have a nosey, but I now have balance. The same with body image I now only follow body confident women; I try not to focus on if they’re ‘thin’ or ‘fat’, just that they’re happy with themselves.

Has it made a difference? Absolutely!

So I challenge you to do the same, celebrate the ordinary. Follow the simpler homes as well as the amazingly lavish. Thank your house for being your home, of course still try and get that insta-worthy shot but don’t fake it till you make it, you’ve already made it so enjoy your journey.

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